Axio (Special Works) Ltd have the experience needed to complete work on substructures, which includes groundworks, external works and soft and hard landscaping.

There are many aspects of groundworks, and our team have the skills to carry out work on soil stabilisation and bulk earthmoving.  This includes removing contaminated earth and carrying out remediation.

Our substructure projects have included reinforced concrete substructures and we can assess and complete all substructure works, whether it’s for a private client or a large company.

Site Clearance

  • Earthworks
  • Spoil Removal
  • Imported Fill
  • Capping Layers


  • Standard strip foundation
  • Ground beams
  • T-beam systems
  • Deep trench fill

Slab Construction

  • In situ reinforced slab
  • Block and beam floors
  • Hansen jet floor systems
  • Spantherm Flooring

"Axio (Special Works) Ltd are an efficient and caring group of people. They have a very good management structure and tasks are carefully assigned to relevant personnel. The company is proactive and happy to work with other members of the design team helping to provide solutions to all manner of challenges."

Chris Richardson Partner