Enabling Works and Demolition including hazardous materials and sensitive environments

Axio (Special Works) Ltd are experienced in the enabling and demolition process for both large and small projects. We carry out a full assessment for each job to ensure that every aspect is taken in to consideration, and this includes removing hazardous materials and working in sensitive environments.

Substructures, groundworks, external works and landscaping

Axio (Special Works) Ltd have the experience needed to complete work on substructures, which includes groundworks, external works and landscaping.

There are many aspects of groundworks, and our team have the skills to carry out work on soil stabilisation and bulk earthmoving.  This includes removing contaminated earth and carrying out remediation.

Our substructure projects have included reinforced concrete substructures and we can assess and complete all substructure works, whether it’s for a private client or a large company.

Civil engineering works

Axio (Special Works) Ltd provide cost effective services for civil engineering projects of all sizes. Whether it’s a large scale or small scale project, we work for both public and private clients. Whatever your needs are, our experienced construction managers have the skills to ensure your project runs smoothly from start to finish. Our experience ranges from underpinning walls to slope and soil stabilisation.

Construction of all types

Axio (Special Works) Ltd provide a service to both residential and commercial clients. Our commitment to providing the best services often means that many of our clients return to us time and again.

Our projects have included minor alterations and improvements to major refurbishments and complete new builds, including some on a large scale.  We have worked with our experienced team of highly skilled and motivated craftsmen for many years and are confident they can deliver your project to the high standard you will expect.