University of Sussex

Client: University of Sussex
Contract value: £725,000
Contract period: 22 weeks

CISC & Shore C Design & Build – new entrances & form visitor / staff car park

As part of the University of Sussex long term strategy they required improved access for staff, patients and ambulances to their Education in Cancer (Shore C) and Clinical Imaging Science Centre (CISC) buildings.

The greenfield site at the rear of CISC and Shore C was excavated to form a 60 space permeable car park, disabled footpath, ambulance and taxi drop off areas – this was fully designed by our civils team and part finished in Bodpave and Marshall permeable paving and tarmac.  The access areas are illuminated using dark sky compliant Kingfisher lighting, designed and installed by our specialist electrical subcontractor.  All soft landscaping has been returned to the natural contours and the surrounding area sown with meadow mix to naturalise and soften the effect of the new hardstanding.

Two new extensions were constructed at the rear of the buildings to form completely new main entrances, designed by our professional design team and fully fitted out by Axio and our supply chain of specialist subcontractors.

The works were carried out whilst both buildings were fully occupied on a live campus and the finished results were very well received by the building managers and staff including the University, with whom we have a long standing working relationship.

“I was very sceptical about having builders around doing a major re-configuration whilst trying to continue the work of a busy cancer research unit, however AXIO, overseen by Mr Phil Willoughby, were extraordinarily mindful and professional in their approach to working with us throughout. The few inevitable hiccoughs experienced were quickly resolved with good humour and understanding by both parties. The compromises we were all able to negotiate meant that very little out of hours work was required. The workmen were all respectful and cheerful and quickly became part of the ‘team’. As long as both parties talk through expectations and make reasonable requests then building works can be a less painful experience. We now have a pleasantly updated research unit and I would reassure anyone else having major works done that AXIO are a great bunch of people to work with.”

Professor Dame Lesley Fallowfield DBE, BSc, D.Phil, F.Med.Sci.
Director: Sussex Health Outcomes Research & Education in Cancer (SHORE-C)
Brighton & Sussex Medical School
University of Sussex